Césaré, theCNCM (National Centre for Musical Creation), is one of six such national centres. Its objective is to encourage musical creation in all its forms (acoustic composition, electro acoustic, electronic…) and to diffuse the pieces created in its studios. Composers, musicians but also dancers, video artists, visual artists and actors are the main users. Césaré develops its projects with a concern for coherence between strong artistic visions, with uncompromising commitments to contemporary music and a wish to perpetually question itself with the public while still grounded in the whole of the regional territory.

contact@cesare.fr | www.cesare-cncm.com
Les Docks Rémois
27 rue 
Ferdinand Hamelin
51450 Bétheny
T +33 3 26 88 65 74 – F + 33 3 26 91 09 20

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